PhotoArt by Fenki

What flattened down during the analog times came back with good and affordable digital cameras: photography as a hobby.

So here is a very short overview on how I came to photography:

During the analog times - the ones not growing up with a smartphone know it - you took photos (during vacation even a lot of them), bagged the film rolls and sent them in... after days or even weeks you got mail: less photos than expected, a lot of them not in the quality as expected and even many of them with different things than you remembered - plus a bill for all the photos you like and the ones you don't. To develop colored photos by myself was just not possible for me.
So photography lost quite some of its fascination.

When digital cameras with good quality came in a payable range for a hobbyist, a bridge camera (the Panasonic Lumix FZ-20) was the way back: after buying the camera every photo was for free - unless it got printed. Some years later, when I wanted to experiment more and have more freedom in adjusting the settings and more resolution, an Olympus PEN was on discount. If you know the EP-M1, you can assume that more was desired and the OMD EM-5 was next and lasted for some years.
With starting in a company that repairs cameras, the technical part came closer and there is so much new technology! (Some may not understand that even if the old camera still makes good pictures a new one is very fascinating... but here people think different and it's another topic). Not that new technology makes a better photographer - but at least for me it asks for more experimenting.

So for now I'm on Sony cameras as the ILCE-7RMII, ILCE-6000 and others.
Among those, there are some converted to full spectrum / infrared. More about this specialty in photography will follow here next to everything else...